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Clive is happy for you to download a score from this site.


Please let him know if you intend to perform a piece, he might even try to come along.


You can send Clive a message using the contacts page on this site.


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No Man is an Island


For A Capella S/A/T/B (split) chorus

Text by John Donne

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Soft Rains score v 1
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Soft Rains


For SSS/AA/TT/BB chorus and Piano

Texts by Salluste Du Bartas / Joshua Sylvester

and Sara Teasdale

Two scores for A Cappella Choir - SATB


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                                                     A Cappella Choir

                                                     with optional piano / organ

                                                     First performed at Brighton

                                                     Crematorium 2016



                                                     A Cappella Choir

                                                     First performed in St Martin's

                                                     in the Field,  Trafalgar Square,          

                                                     London 2014









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Score and Parts: Lament
Because She Has Lived Link button IMG_7019 IMG_7195 IMG_7195

Clive would love to hear from you if you play or perform any of his music. Please let him know about any performances. If he can attend a performance which includes his music, he will.


If you would like to see the score or parts for any other music, please ask. Clive is normally happy to send his scores out on request.


You can send Clive a message  through the contacts page.

No Man Is An Island