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All music copyright © Clive Whitburn

Clive Whitburn


Clive writes music in a wide range of styles and genres.  His music tells unusual and fascinating stories, as in "Messages from the Sea, or explores themes which he believes important, such as "In The Time Of Pandemic", "To Those Who Pass Through My City", "Who is My Neighbour?" and "The Furies /Soft Rains". His music is often, but not exclusively, tonal and melodic. Influences are very wide flung - Clive references classical and baroque traditions as well as 20th and 21st century "new music", minimalism,  traditional folk, prog rock and jazz.


Clive is  fascinated by the physical placement of performers and  site specific music.  "Music for Rooftops" is written  for a brass quintet placed on the roof of an iconic building, with three additional trumpets on nearby rooftops. The sound ricochet's and swirls far above the audience. "Between The Aisles" moves flutes of various sizes around the audience.


An experienced choral singer, Clive has performed frequently with the major orchestras, including the RPO, LSO, BBCSO, CBSO and Philharmonia, in major venues including the Royal Albert and Festival Halls and the O2 Arena. This choral experience continues to be a major influence on his music.


He has also performed extensively with two acoustic duos, “5th Quarter”  and “Loggerheads” .

Multi Instrumentalist and Composer living in Sussex

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