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"In The Time Of Pandemic"

Choir SATB

The New Network Singers

Virtual Choir


 Artwork by

Steph Grainger & Ray Burnside

" Fast Ride on a Short Machine"

Violin, Bass Clarinet & Marimba


F Plus


Cincinatti USA

Clive Whitburn

re ...

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"Remember Me"
Eleanor Grant Soprano International Composers Festival Orchestra

"To Roll or Revolve"
The Leto Ensemble

Klio Blonz, Flute

Shelley Levy, Clarinet

Jane Beament, Piano


More Links:
Messages From The Sea Soprano, Baritone, Harp & Piano (You Tube)

Watching Time Passing Harp and Orchestra (YouTube)

Who is My Neighbour Choir SATB (You Tube) also available recorded by Lumen Choir (Convivial Records, Spotify)

The True Lovers Farewell  Choir SATB (YouTube)

To Those Who Pass Through This City Choir SATB and Strings (You Tube)

Music for Rooftops (You Tube)


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