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Clive Whitburn


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JESSICA CURRY      (Bafta Award Winning Composer, Presenter Classic FM,  Co-Founder The Chinese Room)


"Beautiful. Really soothed the soul listening to it today - much needed amongst all the confusion and noise."



MICHELE ROSS-INNIS      (Cape Town, SA.)


"I was very moved by it and found the music to be most haunting.


I loved the discords at the beginning, impressing the strangeness of our global situation.


There was a strength in the underlying message coming through all the time, linking so well with the visuals of hands at work, physical distancing, empty park benches and play parks.


The staccato effect of "differently, different" was so important with its repetition. All of this kept hitting me in my solar plexus, chest, that place where you feel both understanding and emotion at the same time.


The use of pausing, more rallentando, then a new thought speeding up. Loved it.


The resolution at the end made such an impact! That beautiful harmony linking with the words "as they had been healed". I felt myself taking a deep breath of hope at the end. Now I was reaching for and trusting in a more peaceful future for us all. The ending was magnificent. It was delicate, subtle and full of HOPE.


The beauty of this whole piece was that, through all this, the music was so calming, so spiritual.



GEORGIE GODDARD      (New Network Singers)


Amazing piece and such a great achievement. The picture of the elderly person, along with the lovely music, broke me! So sad to think of the loneliness around and so good to be part of a great project to lift the spirits.



LUCY STEWART      (New Network Singers)


This made me quite emotional to watch - in a time of social isolation being a part of something bigger than myself is quite overwhelmingly amazing! Just beautiful, and so poignantly reflective of what the world is experiencing.






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